The Wedding Party

Tina Chetwood and Joey Olson

We met when Joey was referred by Tina's coworker and Joey's childhood friend, Alicia (bridesmaid) for a part-time position at American Eagle. After about a year of friendship, we realized we were falling for each other (which others will say was obvious long before we admitted it) and from there our relationship began and we became pretty inseparable.

After about six months into dating, we decided to move in together. We rented a house in the east side hill neighborhood and made it our home for roughly 5 years. During the summer of 2014, we began looking for a house to buy and by December we had closed on our first home purchase, staying in the neighborhood we love, on the east hill (on the other side of Margaret) and couldn't be happier!

Joey finally decided to put a ring on it in the summer of 2015. In a perfect Joey/Tina moment in our back yard, sitting around the fire with Tyler, Joey popped the question! Tina's ring is an heriloom from the late 1800's that was Joey's maternal great-grandma's, passed down to Carol (Joey's mom) and then given to Joey.

We had our wedding rings custom designed and crafted through Robert Giede Designs in Menomonie, WI. Keeping with the theme of Tina's engagement ring, we melted Tim's (Joey's dad) original wedding band (the band broke, so he ended up replacing it) and included the gold in both Joey and Tina's wedding bands. Tina always wanted a ring with a story, so being given an engagement ring that was passed down from Carol and having gold from Tim's ring in their wedding bands was everything we could have wished for!

After years of being together, our wedding should make for a really special day, celebrating with all of our friends and family! We can't wait to share it with you!

- Joey & Tina

The Party

Nikki Chetwood - Maid of Honor

Nikki is Tina's older sister. She is known for getting into trouble with Joey at Chetwood family functions. If there is a Pinterest board to be made, she's on it!

Alicia Giese - Bridesmaid

Alicia grew up with Joey and worked with Tina at AE. She's our matchmaker and Tina's therapist!

Kaitlyn Bryan - Bridesmaid

Kaitlyn and Tina met working at Volume One. She is the Creative Director at DRAFT with Joey and Tina. She's the friend you sit on a stoop with and drink all the wine!

Katelin Ackerman - Bridesmaid

Kate is everything. She and Tina became quick friends when she practically backed her car over Tina holding Tyler, when he was just a few months old. From there she's been a roomie, Tyler's caregiver, Joey's superfan, a co-worker, a traitor of the Packers, Tina's bad influence, and is as clumsy as ever. You can call her Kate but we call her F*#king Kate!

Jeff Olson - Best Man

Jeff is Joey's older brother. He's our realtor, loan officer, car salesman, accountant, bartender, and one hell of a brother!

David Graf - Groomsman

Dave and Joey have been friends since high school. When Dave's around mischief is on the agenda.

Josh Olson - Groomsman

Josh is Joey's not so little brother, he's also Tyler's hero. When we're together, if he's not playing with Tyler, he's scheming with Tina.

Evan Carmen - Groomsman

Evan's just as bad as Kate! He's been Joey's roommate, colleague, tech support, and he's the biggest scrub of all! He really pulls the nerd out in a person, but If there is a problem, yo he'll fix it!

Tyler Starich - Junior Groomsman

If Tyler has his way, this whole wedding will be one big game, complete with a good solid get psyched mix! Joey and Tyler formed and bond early, and we know he's very excited that we are finally making it official!

Thom Fountain - Officiant

Thom and Tina met working at Volume One. He is the Strategy Director at DRAFT with Joey and Tina. He seems to know a little about everything. He is a good match to Tina and he helps Joey with sentences.

Victoria Kai Hill - Flower Girl

Kai is the daughter of Joey and Tina's dear friends, Matt and Rachel Hill. If you've met Kai, then you most certainly already love her. If you haven't, you will at the wedding, and you will absolutely melt when you see her smile and hear her laugh!

Josh Smeltzer - Usher *

Josh and Tina met while working together at Volume One. Josh and Joey started DRAFT together. There's nothing he can't do, except maybe take a nap!

Mike Chetwood - Usher *

Mike is Tina's oldest brother. He's pretty cool, just ask him.

Dan Chetwood - Usher *

Dan is Tina's older brother. He will be the reason we lose our deposit.

Storm Chetwood - Usher *

Storm is Tina's nephew. He's growing up fast and no longer needs Tina to hold him down to brush his teeth.

* Not the R&B singer.